We are very Glad to have this great teach Part of THE PSALMIST CALL- By Rena Goichberg It has been a moment to revisit our purpose and looking at the call of being a Singer and worship leader

Mama Mabel-Gina Wins 2019 S&M Gospel Indie Award for Comedian of the Year!!

East African Gospel-Pastor Shelley

Hello East African Gospel, Friend, family, students community, gospel artists and the pastors, we are very excited to announce the coming of Pastor Shelley and minister Scot Thompson to Kampala

We must live our life Not by Might nor by Power but by His Spirit

East African Gospel Academy music school in Kampala Uganda with goal to raise Christ Centered music ministers is hosting Singer and worship leader Scot Thompson

**Latest song for 2017 release By Jay Weeks** This world is not my own am just passing through, is such a great message For those of us who struggle with fear....

We believe it’s our calling to raise up men and women for Music ministry. We ensure we keep practical training for the real world at the core of all our courses.

World Music Mission kampala
This is the conference that moved people back to the heart of true worship,true discipleship and true ministry.. the biblical heritage of musicianship as the theme really became aturning point to most ministers who attended the conference. one woul
I recently spoke to about 20 worship leaders at a lunch gathering. Trying to determine what I could say that would be the most helpful, I landed on this: A huge miss in worship ministry is the quality of rehearsals. I told them, “Rehearsals are so
The life and ministry of Jesus gives us a perfect example of what the mentoring process should look like. His relationship and interaction with his disciple serves as a pattern for us today. The training of these twelve men was a priority to Jesus. H