Short Term mission opportunities

East African Gospel we are inviting people with heart  to transform lives through music , we are inviting with like –minded minister and  Equipping institutions with a heart to impact the body of Christ through music, doing missions, concerts, conferences and tailor made outreaches that fosters a biblical worldview, empowering people to engage and impact their global society.

These can be evangelists, Worship Leaders Pastors and saints who have love to win souls.Please we need people who wish to share their skills and other gifts that God has entrusted with them to others. We have mission activities to equip worship leaders through conferences, mission camps, outreach events in largest universities of Uganda, working with local churches please we love to host you in the 2020.

 We always do all possible to give care hospitality to our guest but also more importantly than anything to fulfill the purpose God has brought them in our Country.



                 The Born again Church in Uganda is at point where we need mentors and music leaders and teachers inspire musicians to excellence, because that's what God deserves.

     We want to creating a Mentoring Environment for Your Worship in Uganda. Many of the most successful names we know point to one or two particular people throughout their lives who took the time to mentor them, and to encourage them in their growth. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to life-on-life investment. We need people reasonably proficient in guitar, keyboard playing and Biblical theory, or any other skills to teach classes
  • We firmly believe that God has given every one of us amazing talents, and that serving others by using our talents is the greatest form of love and service we can give the Lord.

If you are a worship leader, pastor, musician we would like to welcome you come do missions with East African Gospel Music Academy

Please talk to Mr Samson Founding Director